ItemCard - create feature


Currently, we only have this:
monday.execute(“openItemCard”, { itemId: });
to open the following card:

We are hoping that there will be a delete icon in this card to perform the delete action.

Additionally, we also hope that you will provide the following card for item creation:



Hello there @yarhuoy,

Thank you for the request!

Everyone: You can vote for it at the top of the screen :muscle:


This feature is on the roadmap! We’re aiming to release it by the end of this year.

We’ll update the tag on this post once it’s released, or you can follow our Changelog to get notified in real-time.

@yarhuoy – this was released! You can now open a “Create item” dialog using the SDK!!!

Documentation is here.

FYI you still cannot delete an item, as this functionality is not supported in the system’s item card component.


@dipro wow, that’s great news! Is it possible to pass some value with the column ID into the dialog to prefill the value? For example, in the screenshot I provided, the Start date is prefilled when opening the Create Item card.

Hello there @yarhuoy,

As of today, that is not possible.

You can create a request for it here :smile: