JIRA - Monday create item in Jira only if

I would like to create an integration with JIRA that would create a new task in JIRA only if a status or label was set to JIRA. The current integration pattern is that every new item created in Monday also being created in JIRA, which is not needed for my workflow.


It would be great if this was a feature of the current integration.

Here are two possible solutions that you might consider…

  1. Create a parallel JIRA board to your current board that will contain only the JIRA tasks. Enable the integrations there. Mirror the necessary columns. When an item label is set to JIRA, create an item in the JIRA board and link the items (automations exist for this).
  2. Create a custom integration using Make (or similar). This is not super difficult. But would require some work.

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@JCorrell I need help/assistance in having a ticket in Jira after completing an Intake form on Monday board. I completed all the required steps to create form. I did the integration with token from jIRA. I do not know why the ticket in Jira cannot be created even with the integration of Monday.com and Jira. Thank you for anticipated assistance.


Based on your description of the issue, I would recommend contacting monday support at support@monday.com.

If I am misunderstanding, and you are looking for a custom solution or paid support, you can schedule time with me here, including a free initial call: Custom Work – The Monday Man