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HI what is the json format for uploading a file from for gravity forms to monday boards?

Hi @ddfla, welcome to our community!

At this time, I’m afraid that we don’t currently have a way of using our API to upload files hosted on a web server/cloud to monday.com.

However, I think it would definitely be helpful to check out the no-code platforms Zapier and Integromat to see if they offer a direct integration with Gravity Forms there.


ehhh. that’s not good. do you know when this feature may become available?

Although… I’m not sure I fully understand. I am using zapier… integromat confuses me so I’m unsure if I can use wpforms with this and zapier, if that is what you are suggesting? We tried out gravity and we we didn’t like the format so we are sticking with wpforms unless we can’t upload files…

I see that Zapier does offer an integration with WPForms: https://zapier.com/apps/wpforms/integrations.

What is the file you’re hoping to upload? Might it not be easier to parse the form information in your WPForm directly into an item on a monday.com board?

It might help for me to get some context as to what your ideal integration would look like, and what information you wanted carried over between your form-filling app and monday.com.

Hi Helen, thank you so much for the prompt response. I have gotten every form field to populate onto Monday board EXCEPT for the file upload. We want our clients to upload their reference files and then we would love for that to get into monday so we don’t have to go searching for it… is it a problem that they can upload multiple files? or should that not be a problem?

Here is our zap, it does create a new item in monday, but the files are not in the colum…

also do you know if we can populate into subitems?

Yes! Indeed-- this is the limitation I was speaking of before. You wouldn’t be able to upload files directly via URL.

Maybe it would be better to upload the file to a cloud-hosting platform like Google Drive or something, and then include the link in a Link or Text column?

This way, you can still include a reference to the file within your monday.com item.

For subitems, the process is the same, you would just need to utilize the Subitem board Id and Subitem item Id! If you go to select a board in your Zapier integration, you should see “Subitem of XXXX,” the XXXX being the name of the parent board!

awesome, thanks Helen … So I guess with Gravity I am assuming that their file upload has some kind of cloud hosting?

We might have to do the cloud-hosting for now, thanks for the tips

Are you guys working on getting the ability to upload files via url?

Absolutely! We realize this would be a huge game changer for our platform.

Fingers crossed this comes out soon.

Awesome. Please keep us posted or even provide an idea of when we might see something like this. There are so many forms out there and knowing if and when Monday will allow those forms to populate/zap the files onto a monday board is also a huge game changer for our workflows.

Thank you!

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