Keep in memory maximum number of connectionswhen duplicated board


I have created a general board with different groups of items and sub-items. Each subitem has another board connected to it.

As we have quickly exceeded the maximum of 60 connections, I have decided to divide it into 4 general boards, duplicating the initial one and eliminating the corresponding groups of elements for each board.

However, when I go to connect more boards (on the 4 new general boards) Monday keeps telling me that the board has the maximum number of connections.

It seems to keep the board memory duplicated. What solution do you propose?

Hey Irene,

Thanks for flagging this… it does sound a little strange particularly if those connections are deleted in the duplicated board. Would you be happy to send me a short screen-recording demonstrating the steps you’re taking/behaviour in action? You can use the free, online tool to record and send the link. This will allow me to take this with our internal teams and better understand why this is happening.

Thanks in advance for your help Irene :pray: