Our current system (outlined below) has been working great for several years, but we’ve hit the 10,000 link maximum. I’m trying to figure out an acceptable remedy. Some of the things I’ve tried or considered:

  • Ideally, I’d convert a [connect] or [mirror] column to text, but “Change column type” isn’t an option on [connect] or [mirror]
  • In Excel terms, copy and “paste as values” would be ideal
  • I tested archiving a dummy TIME board, but that breaks all links. If there is no way to know what project the entries originally related to, the board would be worthless.
  • I tried exporting the board to Excel thinking I could import the job #s to a text field, but I can’t find any way to merge rows on import.
  • I thought maybe I could do it with an automation, but I can only find ways to “set date” or “set number”, but no “set text”

I’ve tried all sorts of other things, but so far no joy. Any ideas? I’d rather not disconnect them at all, but I understand there’s a database restriction. What do I do???


----------- BACKGROUND if interested -----------

Relevant boards:

  • Sales CRM (CRM)contains all contact info, discussion history, etc for all our clients and prospects
  • Master Project List (MPL) contains all of our projects in history. Job #, status, estimate, etc.
  • Time (TIME) is our time log. Each entry describes work done for a given stretch of time. (Due to board size, we make a new TIME board every year)

Related connections

  • MPL links in useful client contact info from CRM
  • CRM has a reciprocal link so we can see all projects for a given client
  • When populating an entry in TIME, users select the project number in a linked field from MPL, which brings some relevant info. They also select a given task that the entry corresponds to. The task is a subitem of the project in MPL and this allows us to invoice easily, compare actual time to original estimate, etc.

Nobody? Seems like a wall others would have bumped into.


Hey Scott,
if it helps, I had a similar issue - a board with less than 10,000 items but connected to several boards.

I mapped the columns I needed to export, created another board, created an automation to create and connect items to the new boards, and mirrored just what I’ve needed - it worked for me.

basically: “Origin board” - creates an item in “export board” - mirror 3 columns

*I’ve used 2 automations

  1. when status changes then create and connect (and created a temporary field just to copy everything) - then delete it
  2. when an item is created then create and connect → so it will continue to be connected

Just now finding out about this limitation.

Does this effectively mean, that the limit of contacts we can have on our CRM board will be 10.000 contacts? As each contact must be connected to an Account?

This would be absolutely ridiculous and a total blocker from using Monday.com

They are in the processing of upping the limits to 100K connections and 100K items on a board. Starting with enterprise accounts of course.

Thank god. Is there any source for that? Or did they tell you directly?

I can see their plans on upping the item limit per Board, but nothing about the connection

We have planned Monday to be the backend of our project and this would be a major blocker for scaleability

Hi @shayan.moussawi - the item and connection increases are released at the same time. We have a few Enterprise clients with it at the moment so I can confirm it is accurate.


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