Keyboard scrolling and selection using "tab" key

In item list it would be very interesting to have the TAB key make the cursor jump to the next column in the line, just like in excel, to facilitate navigation and data insertion

Hi there, we enter enrolment information into a master database which is a board set up with many columns. As we enter information into each column, it would be extremely helpful that once you’ve completed imputing information that you can TAB across into the next column. At the moment, you need to click into each column separately before inputting information (or updating a status etc).
Would this be an option in the future do you think?

Hey Janita!

Any chance our keyboard shortcuts would help with this? Check them out here: Keyboard Shortcuts

HI there,

Those shortcuts only seem to pertain to the likes of a spreadsheet. Not to the boards we have set up unfortunately.




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I think this would be a great addition. It is intuitive to tab forward as you move through the columns. Is this a possible addition?


This. THIS. THIS x 1,000. We have many columns on some of our boards and I’ve gotten to where I can use the arrow keys, but when I hit the dropdown fields on the way, I think have to go back to using a mouse because the arrow keys cease to work once I put in my first value. Tabbing is a natural way to process through these fields and I have many of my users asking why it doesn’t work.

This would be a great feature to have. If I could give more than 1 vote, I would. :smiley:


Agreed on this functionality. Working within a pulse with a number of columns gets tedious quickly if I have to repeatedly click into each column to edit content.

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OMG I desperately need this feature. I use lots of columns in a pulse and clicking on each one is painful.


Yes. For Real. This is only natural and a big time saving.

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Currently the keyboard shortcuts allow you to toggle between parent board rows, but not the sub-item columns. Are there any plans to extend the use of keyboard shortcuts (tab, arrow keys, etc.) to sub-items in a board @dipro ?

I believe I found a solution! Continue to use tab to select the next column, which should now be highlighted but cannot accept typing input. Press enter on your keyboard and input the information. In some cases, after entering the information you may have to “tab” once to confirm entry then “tab” again to move to the next column; this should even work on the dropdown or sub-item menu as well.
I just figured out that you can actually navigate the entire board by using tab and enter or the arrows on the keyboard and enter to fill out the information.

Thanks for the idea…I can’t seem to get this to work though. Pressing enter after tab (once or twice) doesn’t select the next column, and if I then press tab again it still moves down to the next item, rather than moving to the right to the next column.

Is it highlighted like this when you click enter?
I just created a new board as a test and it worked by using tab-enter-esc-arrows-or shift & tab to navigate the board

This functionality really needs to be improved. It’s really slows down use of the boards, and the shortcut keys are sporadic in their function. It’s a nuisance having to correctly select the first row of an item to then be able to tab and then it you scroll or click anywhere else (like another window to bring up details to enter) you’re right back at the beginning. But then, half the time the shortcuts just stop working as well. You suddenly can’t tab, or pressing enter does nothing… It’s a major issue for us.


We use a method of Type, Enter, Tab (or Arrows) to enter information onto boards. Until 3 weeks ago, it was great! We keep up with production orders from multiple vendors using Monday. Adding information rapidly was on of the features that drew us in.
Now, the Type, Enter, Tab function has just stopped. Literally. Every column requires someone to touch the mouse. Type, Mouse, Type, Mouse, Type. It’s quite frustrating after knowing that it’s unnecessary.
Please bring back the Type, Enter, Tab

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Teams, Outlook and whole bunch of other things use he TAB key as an autocomplete when you start an @person. Being in the habit of using this its really annoying it doesn’t work when in and I have to move my hand back to the mouse just to select the persons name.

If this was created, it might solve some of the monday accessibility issues we have with our blind colleague and his inability to nagigate and participate with us on our boards because he can’t navigate the new board environment that was rolled out.