Last updated column should reflect the last time the item/subitems were updated

The Last Updated column does not relect the time the item and subitems were updated. This leads to misunderstandings with our execs on when a task was being worked on. Execs are not going to plow through an activity log, nor are we going to ask everyone of our over 10,000 users to toggle columns statuses to get the Last Updated column to reflect the fact we worked on a sub item.
Its misleading and inaccurate.

I see a few nuanced version of this request such as one logged in Aug 2022, Feb 2021, Nov 2023. This suggests to me its something your users need.

Yes please! I have up-voted every other suggestion. Again, we need the last updated field to update when conversations have been updated either on the item or it’s associated sub-items. PLEASE! So many people requesting this.