Last updated field doesn't update if someone adds to conversation

The last updated field updates if we change something in the item itself but doesn’t update if someone adds to conversation within the item.

For example, if I change the status now then the ‘Last Updated’ Field will show that the item was updated now. If I click on updates and add to conversation to the item, the ‘Last Updated’ field doesn’t change.

Is there a solution to this ?

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Hi @MohammedElkhatib - you are not alone on this. The way we have got around this in the past is to add a “trigger” column that is changed when an update is created. In this example, when an update is created we set the (trigger) column to the current date/time. The change to the (trigger) column updates the Last Updated Column.

Not perfect, but it works :slight_smile:


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Hey @MohammedElkhatib! This is great feedback, and certainly insight we will share internally! We apologize for the setback here, however think that @mark.anley suggestion is a great workaround at this time :slight_smile:

Hi. I agree with OP here, if the coding for the last updated column could change to include a conversation being added, that would be great.

This would help people track how long since the last action on an item was taken, like adding notes, uploading documents and engaging in conversations in the update section of the task, not just when the status was changed.

Apologies for the delay in my response. Your solution is fantastic and worked but only on the parent items and not the subitem.

I tried to make a custom automation to change the ‘Date’ to today when an update is posted on the SUBITEM but couldn’t figure out how.

Can an automation be constructed on a sub-item if an update is posted on the sub-item?

Thank you

In order to achieve this you would need to create an additional trigger on the subitem level first to create that update, and then set the subitem date, i.e.

That said, I understand that this is not what you’re looking to achieve, as you aren’t looking to create pre-made updates. As such, I am afraid it isn’t possible for the date to be set on a subitem level triggered solely by an update created in the parent item or subitem. This suggestion has certainly be noted!

There is now a recipe in Update Magic #1 that will refresh the Last Updated value when an update is created without requiring an additional column. It references a status column but does not actually make any changes to the item.

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Jim, we are using Update Magic #1 and it is working as we had hoped by updating the last updated column when replies or new posts are made. The only issue is that no matter who makes the post or reply, it shows our admin did the update (even if it was another team member). Is there a workaround for this?


One option would be to use the “Assign Update Creator” instead and have a column for the person that created the last update. It’s not exactly what you are asking for; but is possibly even better as it will show who the last update was from even when another change is made.

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Any update on this basic funcionality?

If you literally write an UPDATE in the item or subitem, the LAST UPDATED column does not change.

I don’t need third party solutions.