Last updated field doesn't update if someone adds to conversation

The last updated field updates if we change something in the item itself but doesn’t update if someone adds to conversation within the item.

For example, if I change the status now then the ‘Last Updated’ Field will show that the item was updated now. If I click on updates and add to conversation to the item, the ‘Last Updated’ field doesn’t change.

Is there a solution to this ?

Hi @MohammedElkhatib - you are not alone on this. The way we have got around this in the past is to add a “trigger” column that is changed when an update is created. In this example, when an update is created we set the (trigger) column to the current date/time. The change to the (trigger) column updates the Last Updated Column.

Not perfect, but it works :slight_smile:


Hey @MohammedElkhatib! This is great feedback, and certainly insight we will share internally! We apologize for the setback here, however think that @mark.anley suggestion is a great workaround at this time :slight_smile: