Learning a lot here, but still can't find solution

Hello monday community, it has been great looking through the posts, and finding solutions for many different problems, and I have found some better ways to accomplish what I was doing in a “better” (cleaner) way!

I was not able to find what I come for and that is a solution to simulate a “Paste Values” from Excel (or many other spreadsheet applications.

I have a board that I am using to track my meetings in, and use them to generate Minutes and Agendas, outputting the pulse to DocuGen. The problem is that in order to output some data, I can’t use “#” in the formula, and I need to pull Guests, which is a connected board to a list of external contacts.

My board (with the columns I am trying to use looks like this:

The formula in PrintGuest displays great, but doesn’t print in DocuGen:
IF({Guests#Count} > 2, "See Notes", IF({Guests#Count} = 2, {Guests#Names}, IF({Guests#Count} = 1, {Guests#Names}, "None")))
(If I can get it to work, I want to pull the company name if Guests#Count =1, that’s why the two values. I’m just trying to reduce the potential errors for now.)

I have tried General Caster to try and put the above into PGuest with no luck. I have tried searching to see if this can be done a different way, and did find some cool options, but none that would simply take the displayed text in PrintGuest and cast it to PGuest. It just gives me the Guest id (or ids) record number.

Is there a way that I can automate something like the “Paste Values” in Excel? The formula above works, and displays the output in PrintGuest, but I need to be able to then “copy” the results as text into PGuest so that I can utilize it later.

Has anyone come across anything similar, where you are using data from a connected board to use in part of a formula? I am pulling my hair out here trying to figure out how to just use the output of a formula, and not the formula itself.

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Hi @Bill_In_Ohio ,

How are you getting on with this? We messed around in some testing boards with formulas and can only really find ‘extraction’ of the formula result by mirroring it to another board.

Theoretically, if you use a trigger to create the item you would use as the pulse to generate the document in another board, but automate that creation to coincide with connection (2-way) between those boards and then mirror the formula column - IF DocuGen would support carrying the data through from the mirror, you could then use that ‘pulse’ from the second board with the mirror holding the formula result as opposed to the formula.

Does that read right? Happy to explain if you want to talk about it - can share screens so we can show and tell if that’s easier!

Team Easy :slight_smile: