Leave Manaagment System

I Need to build a Leave Management.

  • Every time an employee applies for a new leave and once it’s approved, then based on the type of leave whether casual, privileged. maternity, sick leaves, etc.
  • It should be able to minus from the quota of that specific leave type

Now the Vacation boards video which was made is super helpful but limited with the above condition.

Has any1 done it, or even a separate LMS system built using monday which achieved various types of leave requests according to the category of leaves and taking care of the math involved in it?

Looking for all open solutions!!

We’ve ended up doing it the opposite way around - totalling up the amount of leave based on the type. We have a group per employee, and one for “new requests”, when approved the item goes into the relevant group and that shows the total of number of days off. It’s not ideal and requires work to maintain as staff change.

Ideally I wanted to pull in the yearly quota of days from an employees board but as yet not found a decent way of doing that.

Quite tideous, but yeah need a better structure.
I have built up something which is able to do the math on leave category whether sick leave, casual leave etc…
But again the one i’ve build is not feasible if employee count increases.