Limit or don't notify if I am the creator

How do I set up an automation so that I don’t get a notification or email if I am the creator of an item?

I want notifications when someone else is a creator of an item on my board, but I already know it’s new if I create it. :laughing: How can I set the automations to get notifications or emails if the creator is not me?

Hey Cary!

That totally makes sense! :laughing: Try using the board notifications settings shown below:
Screen Shot 2023-09-29 at 5.56.57 PM

After clicking, “board notifications”, select “Receive notifications only for mentions and assigns” from the menu.

Let us know if you already have this set up or if it doesn’t limit your notifications enough!

That doesn’t help. :smiling_face_with_tear: I get assigned to everything on the board. And I really want the email automation I set up to send to me when there is a new item created - except when I’m the creator.

What we need is a NOT condition on custom automations. Right now we can do if something IS someone, but we can’t do if something is NOT someone.

Thats what it boils down to, the lack of detailed conditionals (I know about the workflows tool coming having more capabilities)

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And I would mute all notifications, but I still can’t figure out how to send an email only if someone else is the creator.

I came here for this exact reason. I can’t figure out how to see a notification when someone else assigns something to me but not when I assign it to myself.

There is currently no way to mute notifications for things you do.

@jenngym , @codyfrisch is correct, but we ended up with a work around that accomplishes what we needed. We found a action that only happens when someone else assigns us to a task. If that occurs, we have a status column switch to “TRUE” instead of “FALSE”. Then if it that column is TRUE, we have it send the notification or email.

Work arounds seem to be the norm not the exception at times.

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