Notification issues: Changing the creator of an item & automation notifications

Hi There!
We created a workspace for a general form then from this workspace I am trying to move it over to a different workspace based on a status column. It moves over fine, but then notifies the user who originally created the general form for every single update on the item. They are not assigned to the item and it is removed from the original general board and workspace.
We’ve gone through our notifications and everthing seems like it should be fixed.
Also, we keep getting emails when our automatoins are triggered. I have unselected the “notifies me via automations” in the notifications section yet I still get these emails clogging up my inbox.

Thank you!

Hi @ashleyME!

Firstly, regarding the email notifications issue, this definitely sounds strange. If you’re happy (and no sensitive data is shared) would you be able to send over a screenshot of the type of notifications you’re receiving?

In regard to the item issue, to confirm, the item creator is being notified of all changes to the item or is this happening to the board creator? I ask this as this is expected behaviour as the board owner. That said you are able to mute these notifications via the notifications settings in the board. Demonstration below:

Let me know how you go :slight_smile:

Hi @BiancaT !
Thank you for the response! Here are my notification settings:

For the other issue, it is the item creator getting all of the updates. I moved the item from the board they created to a board that they are not on. Then I wrote an update to it and they received an email.

Thank you for the help!

Thanks for getting back to me!

Would you be able to send over a screenshot (just as an example) of the email notification you’re receiving when an automation is triggered? I’d just like to take a look incase there might be another factor triggering these notifications, before referring you to our technical team.

In regard to the item creator receiving notifications, I believe the reason for this is because you have the option to be notified when someone “Writes an update on an item I am subscribed to” - can you please uncheck this and let me know if this changes anything? For some background, if you create the item you’re automatically subscribed to the item, and if you’re assigned in the people column you’re then the item owner.

Here Is a screenshot of the email. The subject is: Wandering Film School - Outgoing Email, From: and comes from Automations via

When it says “item I am subscribed to” , then if they are an owner of an item, will they stop getting notifcations on updates for those items if they uncheck that one?

thank you!