Item creation notification except when created by me

Hi, I have on my board an automation that notifies me every time someone adds an item. I dont want this automation to trigger if I add an item myself as I am aware I am adding items. I only want to be notified if everyone else adds items?

Please help :slight_smile:


Question, how many other people are adding items to this board? I ask because it can be simply resolved if you only have a few other people. But if it’s a lot of potential users, then this will require a different solution.

@andrewalmand only a few


Perfect, then the simplest solution I can think of is the following:

  1. Add a Person Column labeled something like “Creator”

  2. Add the following automation:

  3. Make a separate custom automation for each specific person, excluding yourself(This is why I asked how many people)

So the flow should look like this:

  1. Item is created.
  2. Creator is assigned to Person Column(can be hidden from view so others don’t have to bother with it)
  3. You are notified per automation specific to each person.

Hope this helps!

AWESOME! Thanks so much

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