How to skip an automation for a specific person?

A board has an automation to notify me when someone adds an item. When I add items myself I do not want that notification.

Does anyone know how to configure the trigger of the automation to do that?

How many users are submitting? If it’s just a few you could do this and just repeat the “and only if” for each submitter. Won’t work if you have a lot of folks adding items though…I mean it would but would take some time setting up.

Forgot to mention I have an automation that auto assigns the creator to a people column 1st.

Does person contain the user that created the item, or the current user?

Using this, I think an automation should be added per user, since person is not Person1 and also Person2 and 3 etc.

Person would be a People column - so if would be “When an item is created and only if “People Column” is assigned to Sara, then notify Rob.”

You could also do it this way since we have our “assign as creator” automation working 1st.

when person is assigned to “Creator” column(people column) and only if person assigned is…

same concept of just repeating the and only if per each person submitting items

OK, I understand.

In this situation I can’t use it. There’s a column with the creator, but that comes from the Creation Log, and that value can’t be selected.
It would be easier if basic information about an item, like who made it, or last changed it and when, were usable.

If you wanted you can require new items be via request form only and require an email on your request form. Then set up a 2nd people column that will auto assign the requestor via email address from the form and you could use that column to set it up the notification automation.

Not ideal at all, I know but just trying to think of a work around for you. Hope you find one!

Great idea @robopzet, I have a very similar need. Here’s the Feature Request I made for it. Please consider voting for it and commenting with your use case:

Have a great day and good luck finding a solution.

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This really drives home how badly we need an ‘is NOT’ condition for assignee filters!

“When an item is created
and only if {person} is NOT assigned to {user}…”

Pretty please, Monday team?

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I could swear there was a Monday Labs feature for this: something that disabled automated notifications when YOU’RE the one who triggered the automation… but now I can’t find it. Maybe it was removed? :confounded: