Optimizing Notifications in Monday: Managing Assignments and Creator Alerts"


I’ve been grappling with an issue regarding an overwhelming influx of notifications on Monday, and I’d like to outline my situation for some guidance. I have a board that both clients and colleagues use, and for privacy reasons, I’ve configured it to “only show items created or responsible users” in a ‘People’ column. Consequently, I’ve set up an automation that automatically assigns a person when they create an item.

However, when a team is selected in the form, it also triggers an assignment. For instance, if I create a ticket and am a member of Team Z, I appear in both the ‘Creator’ column and the ‘Assigned Team’ column, leading to dual notifications.

In order for clients to view their items, I must retain the automation “Automatically assigns the creator of the item in the ‘Creator’ column.” Yet, I would like to eliminate notifications specifically from the ‘Creator’ column while retaining notifications from other columns. How can I achieve this?

Thank you


Hey Elsa,

Can you let me know the specific type of automations you’re referring to? Are these bell notification and/or email notifications? You’re welcome to share some screenshots so I can point you in the right direction here :pray:

Hello Bianca,

The monday Support found a sollution and it’s working :slight_smile:

Thanks you so much and have a nice day


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Thank you for the update Elsa - so glad to hear!