Optimizing Notifications in Monday: Managing Assignments and Creator Alerts"


I’ve been grappling with an issue regarding an overwhelming influx of notifications on Monday, and I’d like to outline my situation for some guidance. I have a board that both clients and colleagues use, and for privacy reasons, I’ve configured it to “only show items created or responsible users” in a ‘People’ column. Consequently, I’ve set up an automation that automatically assigns a person when they create an item.

However, when a team is selected in the form, it also triggers an assignment. For instance, if I create a ticket and am a member of Team Z, I appear in both the ‘Creator’ column and the ‘Assigned Team’ column, leading to dual notifications.

In order for clients to view their items, I must retain the automation “Automatically assigns the creator of the item in the ‘Creator’ column.” Yet, I would like to eliminate notifications specifically from the ‘Creator’ column while retaining notifications from other columns. How can I achieve this?

Thank you


Hey Elsa,

Can you let me know the specific type of automations you’re referring to? Are these bell notification and/or email notifications? You’re welcome to share some screenshots so I can point you in the right direction here :pray:

Hello Bianca,

The monday Support found a sollution and it’s working :slight_smile:

Thanks you so much and have a nice day


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Thank you for the update Elsa - so glad to hear!

Hey Elsa, what was the solution? I have the same creator / assign to self notification issue.

Any advice appreciated!

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Hi Paul,

The creator needs to deactivate notifications in the Monday settings if they no longer wish to receive emails when assigned to an item. However, it’s necessary to set up an automation: if they are assigned to an item, they will then receive an email.

Sure, here’s the translation:

For me, it’s not really a solution, but a ‘workaround.’ I believe Monday should develop within its notifications the option to not receive an email if one self-assigns.

Have a great day!

Thanks Elsa, I assume the notification to receive notification for other assignments is at a per board level.

Definitely a work around but appreciate you taking the time to respond.

Adding my vote to your proposed feature.