Link item inside other board to a column value

I’m looking to create an item containing user details inside one board, then I want to connect that item to another item in a different board inside its column.

I’ve tried to guess a solution but this gives me an error:

"mutation ($itemId: Int!, $boardId: Int!, $column_values: JSON!) { change_multiple_column_values (item_id:$itemId, board_id:$boardId, column_values: $column_values) { id } }";

error_code: ‘ColumnValueException’,
status_code: 200,
error_message: ‘Link to item column value structure invalid’,
error_data: {}

The only way I’ve found something that can help is via this link, but the documentation has been down forever.

Thanks to waybackmachine I was able to access this api again.
For anyone asking, to use this I could create a new item and connect it straight to the other item.

Item link column
To update an item link column, send linked items ID’s as an array. If items will not belong to the linked board/boards, the exception will be raised.

Raw JSON - use this in your column values variables:

Code example

  "item_ids": [

JSON string - use this in the GraphiQL editor:
Code example


The docs for updating this column are in our API documentation here - Connect boards column

I know you’ve already found a solution, but adding it for future people seeing this post.

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