Zapier action to connect item with a different board

I am trying to understand how to use the “Connect Boards with a single item” JSON code.
When attempting to create a zapier action, I keep getting errors.

Using the JSON codes work really easily for other fields (e.g. first name, last name, email, etc)

Does any know how to automate the linking of an item in a different board to the item in the desired board?

Ps. This is from Acuity and I’m attempting to use these JSON codes:

  • Connect Boards with a single item: {“item_ids”:[1360856860]}
  • Connect Boards with multiple items: {“item_ids”:[1360856860,1360856957]}

What you have shown should work.

An example that has worked is,

query5 = ‘mutation ($myBoardId:Int!, $myItemId: Int!, $columnVals: JSON!) { change_multiple_column_values (board_id:$myBoardId, item_id:$myItemId, column_values:$columnVals) { id } }’
vars = {
‘myBoardId’: int(appt_board_id),
‘myItemId’: int(dest_pulse_id),
‘columnVals’: json.dumps({
“link_to_survey3”: {‘item_ids’: [pulse_id]},

Hi @workitout, welcome to our community!

Perhaps the issue that you’re facing is that at this time, items can only be sent to be connected via the API if the other, desired boards have been manually connected to the current board.

After this connection has manually been made, then you can send resulting item IDs to be connected to this board. Could this be the problem that you’re facing?

If not, it would also help to see the complete mutation that you’re sending!

Thank you for your suggestions @Helen & @Shilpa!
Still not quite sure. Maybe some more context will help:

I am creating a new item in “Chow’s Households” (1551892320) and currently have a column from “Chow’s Contacts” (1551891484) linked into “Chow’s Households”

I’m sure I’m missing something here - probably something really simple that I’m not seeing…

Any ideas?

If it can’t be done in this way then I’m not sure how to put @Shilpa’s code into Zapier…

As @Helen has said the boards should have been manually connected. If that is done, the Zapier step would be as below


Amazing! Linking with the item instead of the column/board is perfect!



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