Link to item from Calendar + Calendar item name

When using calendars, there’s no direct link to the item/subitem (and clicking at the “+” button is not logic for the user)
After clicking at the calendar’s item, it pops up the info but you can only go to the board, not to the calendar’s item directly
It would be good that instead of
in → XXXXX Board
Show up:
XXXXXX Subitem(linked) in → XXXXX Board (linked)

Like here:
When you open a subitem directly at the board ,you see the item it’s related to.

Also, when the calendar’s item comes from a subitem’s date column, would be good to have the option to decide which name appears at the calendar view, subitem’s name or item’s name.
Right now is “subitem’s name | Item’s name”
Having in mind that usually the Item’s name is more important than the subitem’s name (when talking about memory and item recognition from the user) it would be great to have the chance to decide