Live Sync Google Sheet to Monday Board


I’m looking for some advice on whether it’s possible to connect a google sheet (that gets updated every hour) to a monday board.

My google sheet has columns that update every hour but the first column that contain the name of an item always remains the same.

Essentially what I’m looking to do is have some Monday columns also update either hourly or once a day for the relevant item which will match the item name in google sheets.

When a new line is created in the google sheet then that would also be created into my Monday board and then the update would kick in.


It’s possible with Make, but there are small costs involved.

This is very possible using AppScript in Google Sheets and using triggers. Hit me up if you need help

We’re working on, an app for live two-way data synchronization between multiple apps that would be able to do that:

  • Connect your Google sheet and the board
  • Select columns to match items and rows
  • Map a column in Sheets to a column on the board, and check that it should only be updated in one direction
  • Enable adding new items from the sheet’s rows


Welcome to the community and thank you for sharing with us.

What stage is your app at? Is it on review yet?

The app is still being developed.

We started with Google Sheets to synchronization app with limited functionality and then decided to expand the idea. Unfortunately, it will take some time.

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Love that!
If you would like to here feedback from the marketplace team you are always welcome to register to a pitch your app session. Pitch your App registration

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Hi @WTagreen , have you tried Google Sheets Automations by Formula Lookout? This app have everything you need for syncing your Google Sheet.

Looks like that will just sync monday items over to Google Sheets. I need to sync a google sheet document into Monday items

Any update on when it will be ready or testers will be allowed access?

Hi Eric,

We already have working sync core. At the moment, we’re focused on UI/UX of synchronization setup and other essential pieces of functionality like dashboard, statuses of running integrations, etc.

As soon as is ready for closed testing I’ll reach out to you

+1 @Mykola. Also interested in alpha/beta testing the tool.

Hi Klaas, would you mind sharing your code with me?

Hi Alex,

It’s possible and there are options out there to connect your apps without having to write script of any kind to get regular updates in both and Google Sheets.

You can try out the Unito app from the marketplace.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Get the app from the monday marketplace
  2. Connect monday and Google Sheets to Unito
  3. Pick a flow direction: this tells the integration to either create new tasks when you create spreadsheet rows, vice versa, or both.
  4. Add rules to filter out unrelated tasks or rows.
  5. Link fields between each tool so Unito knows where to put your monday fields (title, description, etc.) in the connected spreadsheet.

Here’s a tutorial explaining how it works with more detail. Hope it helps.

Hope it helps.

Hello, do you still have the code for this?