Llama farm not picking up all items

Hi guys!
I have the Llama farm widget on a few of my boards, but it only seems to pick up some statuses, I cannot work out why, it doesnt correlate to the “done” statuses?

Anyone any advice?

Hi, @Jemima - It could be several different things:

  1. Check your Done status configuration for the status column and make sure you’ve marked all the statuses that matter to you as being “done” - Image 2021-11-11 at 1.52.03 PM
  2. Check the Llama Farm Widget Settings to see if you are picking up a long enough period of time to display llamas - Image 2021-11-11 at 1.49.03 PM
  3. Check the other Settings for the included Groups in the Llama Farm widget
  4. Check your filters on the Dashboard or View

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So do they need to be marked as done to appear? I thought it was items not done which show? Either way it isn’t correlating.

I have it set up to get them every day, but when I start, shouldn’t it pick up all the items in the board?

I already checked all my filters and they are all blank.

Please help!!

Hi @Jemima - @PolishedGeek mentioned all the needed items to check. Could you possibly take some screenshots of your settings or take a quick video so we can review?


@Jemima Thank you by the way for asking a question about the Llama Farm Widget (most underutilized widget in monday IMO) :smiley:

I really dont have the time to through taking screen shots of the settings, to prove I can follow instructions @mark.anley, it is all set up correctly, my question again:

Which status’ means Llamas appear- is it done, or not done, or a sub set based on Mondays choosing? The limited Llamas showing for things which are not done, which goes against what @PolishedGeek is implying. If it is only supposed to pick up done things, that would make it easier for me to understand, but doesnt correlate with what I am seeing.

I have the following images in case no one believes me… but its taking me ages.

Status which are done: image
Status in board :

Llamas present: image
Filters off: image
Dates correct: image
Board selected- image
Status column selected image

What now!!

@BoazArad in case you want to assist in here…

@Jemima Try setting the Starting At date back to a previous date. The replace llamas timeframe is based off changes to the status column. So if the pulses you are trying to show were created after (and not changed) the date you have entered (Oct 15) they will not appear.

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