Llama Farm Widget - Not working when status column has more than 1 done option

While using the Llama Farm, I’ve noticed that if my status column has more than one color selected for “done” then the llama farm widget considers everything done except for those items that are not directly selected as “done”.

Meaning, even those with the default gray setting are considered done on the llama farm widget.

So if we have 5 status options, and 2 of them are set to be a “done” status (say green and blue), and I have 20 items, if I don’t select any, or only select 1 as green/blue, the widget will show all the items as being completed. If I select a status that is not a “done” status, then the llama farm will show all items done except that one (so it would show 19/20 completed).

Seems like a small glitch. Should this be submitted elsewhere?

Hey there! This definitely sounds odd!

I have a couple of troubleshooting questions that might help narrow down what’s going on here!

  1. Do you have multiple boards with different color statuses pulling into this Llama Farm widget?

  2. When you duplicate the widget, is the issue still there?

  3. Has this issue always existed in the widget since you set it up or did it just pop up recently?

Let me know and we can go from there! Either way, it could be a good idea to send our technical support engineers an email with some screenshots or a loom.com screen recording of the behavior so they can make sure this isn’t a bug.

Hey Charlotte,

Thanks for the reply.

What odd, in testing it more, is it’s only if one of the statuses is selected (the default In Progress) with others that there is the problem. With any other statuses selected (even multiple ones) there isn’t an issue.

This is happing on multiple boards, and even with a duplicated widget.

Not sure when it started, maybe always, but just recently noticed.