Status Settings - Which label means assignments are done?

Status settings allows the definition of more than one status as “done”. However, when creating automations, only the specific status labels are available to be selected; I don’t see a way to specify “Done Statuses” or “Not Done Statuses”. The ability to do this would be extremely useful.

What is the purpose and functionality that is currently available for this feature?

Thanks, Scott

hi @scottmorley
When the date column is combines with a status column (a “combo”) the date will be stripe through whenever the status in one of the selected “Done” values.

I don’t think you can specify the “all Done statuses” in an automation though.

Thanks! No, there is no way to specify “done statuses” or “not done statuses” in an automation… there should be! :slight_smile:

That is a good candidate for a feature request :slight_smile:

Do you know how I go about submitting this as an official feature request?


hi @scottmorley

Best thing is to post here in one of the “Feature feedback” categories. There are several ones for specific parts of the overall product.