Logistics and Monday.com - managing transportation

Let’s say I drive a truck that goes from Helsinki to Stockholm - Copenhagen - Hamburg - Berlin - Hamburg and back to Helsinki. I have clients in all of the cities, and each client has different amount of stuff to transport to a different city. From Helsinki 20m3 to Berlin, from Copenhagen 40m3 to Hamburg, from Stockholm 35m3 to Helsinki etc.
I’m trying to figure out a way to visualize how much space there is available in different parts of this road, so that it would be easy to sell out the empty space. I haven’t found any integration for this yet, and it seems like Monday’s own features aren’t quite enough for this. Has anyone built anything like this in Monday?

Also if there are any other tips for managing logistics in Monday I’d love to hear some!

Thank you!

Hi Caro.

The closest function that natively exists is the Workload View.

It’s not exactly what you may be after. However, would the following be something that you could build on?

I’ve assumed a daily capacity of 100 m3. Then amortised that as a weekly capacity of 700.

I’ve used a formula to calculate the volume x days and then identified this as the column which defines effort.

  • Stephen

The units for volume can be refined using the following:

How to do the M2 on Mac? :slight_smile:

If you are not using an extended keyboard, then you can use the Character Map app within Windows to copy symbols, then paste into the custom settings.