Drivers, trucks and routes planification

Hi all, new to monday and first time publishing here. I would like to implement a dashboard view for the planification of drivers, trucks and routes assignment. I would like to see the current week and the following week and have the option to view follwing weeks as well.
I would also like to create a vacation/day off request template and automate the approbation workflow so that it updates the driver/day entity.
Lastly, this will be used by the ressource planner to assigned a truck and a route to a driver on a given day.
The end result should look like this:

I would just like to get started with something. Is it something that can be created from scratch in Monday, are there available apps that can solve this issue, … Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi@rolud55 ,
Yes, it is possible to create a dashboard view for the planning of drivers, trucks, and routes assignment in

You can also create a vacation/day off request template and automate the approval workflow

Here are some additional resources that you may find helpful:
How to create a dashboard in

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Hello @rolud55 !

This is certainly possible to implement on monday.

As @MsquareAutomation pointed out, there are some resources you can use to get started, but I believe for a project of this complexity you should seek out professional assistance.

If you are interested, please feel free to schedule an initial Free Consulting Session with us here or contact us at .

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