Looking for Monday Consultants to help our Studio to manage our workspace

We are a studio that are looking for Monday Consultants to help us create a simple and effective project management system. We are currently managing many different projects under one umberlla. Recently decided to use Monday to help us manage these processes. We are looking for an expereinced team/individual who can help us set up everything that we need for this.

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Hi @MaxG

Welcome to the community! You are in the right place to find someone! My name is Elena and I’m the founder of Kick Consulting. I worked with Monday.com for over 4 years and have a team of 14 n working along side of me (Project/change managers, Implementation managers, developers).

We have a number of large Australian (and some US-based ones too) NFP household names as clients who engage us for 3 - 6+ months to manage the program of operational and structural projects to set up and get the most out of their Monday.com. All of our client are remote :).

We offer a complimentary 1-hour initial meeting to discuss your pinpoints, needs, possible steps forward and options. You can book a session through this link. If you are unable to find suitable time, please let me know and I will contact you with more availability.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Hi @MaxG :wave:

upstream are the APAC Partner of the Year 2020, Platinum Partner and preferred monday.com partner. We have dedicated teams including our Solutions Engineers and full stack Development Team of integration and custom experts. Based in Australia with a global presence we’re well experienced and a safe pair of hands.

It would be great to start with an informal chat around your requirements and your current situation to see if we could be of assistance for you, feel free to email me via peta@upstreamtech.io or book that call with me here at a time that suits you.

Looking forward to speaking with you!
Kind regards,
Peta - upstream

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Hey there @MaxG and welcome to the monday.com community! There are a lot of great partners to work with and I represent CarbonWeb, a monday.com partner that looks to develop solutions component-by-component.

Our team has a lot of valuable experience when it comes to developing project management workflows and I would be interested in seeing how our team could help. If you’d like to set up a initial consultation please do so here: Consultation - Ricky

Good luck as you move forward!

Best regards,

Ricky Tomer

VP of Sales
Carbon Web Print, LLC
Schedule Consultation | Website
Phone: 440-462-7743 | Email : ricky@carbonweb.co

Hello! Yes, so many amazing partners to choose from. We are a small team that is passionate about monday.com and helping our clients. If you’d like to have an intro call, please email jenna@iointegration.com. Thank you! – Jenna

Hi @MaxG

First of all, I would like to appreciate your decision of choosing monday .com over other project management tools. If you are looking for someone who could help you in setting up this tool for project management, I would recommend you hire certified monday.com consultants . By partnering with seasoned professionals, you can streamline the workflows and manage multiple projects with ease.

Neelam B
Damco Solutions
Phone: +1 609 632 0350 | Email : info@damcogroup.com