Looking to hire a developer to export documents from specific items to our Google Drive account

Who we are: We finance solar projects for non-profit organizations across the country.

What we currently use Monday.com for: One of the primary uses of Monday is to record and store the files needed for each construction project (permits, invoices, insurance docs, lien wavers etc.). We are currently managing over 100 solar projects. Each project is a row (item) on one board. The board has about 160 columns and many of those contain at least one file. In total, there are currently over 3,500 files.

Problem: Some of the projects (items/rows), and the associated files, need to be shared with others outside of our company. Unfortunately, Monday only allows sharing at the board level not the individual item. Breaking up each item onto an individual board is not an option since it would require us to try to manually keep 160 columns identical across over 100 boards.

Solution: Export documents from specific items to our Google Drive account and we will manage sharing permissions there.

Can you help with this? Please let me know and I would be happy to share more info. My email is mbrennan@collectivesun.com

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Hi Matt,

I just sent you an email to setup a time to talk. Let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to connecting!


Hello @mbrennan!

I see your pain and your problem is quite a common one where we find our selves in a situation where we have a board optimized for internal work flow which makes external collaboration impossible.

You do not have to hire a developer for expensive integrations between monday and GDrive. monday.com already have native support for GDrive. If you just tweak your workflow a little making it so you first upload the files to GDrive and then to monday.com you already have everything set up for easy sharing.

IMO Well worth the extra step of uploading the file to Gdrive first. This will also have the added benefit that you can use status triggers to send emails to external people from monday and in that email you can automatically include the link to the file on GDrive.

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Hi Matt, @mbrennan
We use monday similarly as Thomas stated or potentially utilize Zapier. There is also the ability to share a “static” board with non-users. We’re implementing that right now too to share with our clients.
(side note, also a Solar :sun_with_face: company (designs) from San Diego! )

@hollie-v , small world :). can you elaborate on what you mean by a “static” board? Also, can said board reference some but not all rows in another board?

thank you to @Thomas-Omnitas for the Google Drive suggestion and we would consider changing our workflow. but, we need to deal with the 3,300+ files we currently have stored in Monday. however, I haven’t come up with an efficient way to upload them to Google Drive and then add a reference link in Monday but i’m open to any and all suggestions.

@hollie-v, thanks for the Zapier suggestion and we’ve looked at and other similar services but we could not find an appropriate ‘Trigger’ that would backup files to Google Drive whenever a file is added or deleted to a row.