G Drive Integration from OS Desktop App

Hi while I’m using Monday from the browsers version it lets me use the “upload or attach links fiels from Google Drive” but when I use the desktop version, it doesn’t. Only the “from computer” appears. Why is this and how can I fix it? See picture for reference.

Thank you

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Hi @Rafael! Great question - our desktop app does not support any of our cloud-based file integrations (dropbox, google drive, box etc). This is due to the storage of these files and that you’re not web-based when using the desktop app. Hope that helps clarify! Cheers!

Is there a way to add it? I mean I’m still connected through the web, so a link must be possible. The Slack (Also a standalone app) integration with Google Drive works fine, so it must be possible.

In the roadmap?

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Hi @reinhardts - I’m afraid there is not a way for us to add this functionality at this time, but stay tuned as we are always working to make improvements!