#googledrive help with understanding integration?


I have come from using HIVE and instantly stubbled here. Could someone please help me?

When we link a file to a task, my expectation is that the file is retrieved from GDRIVE, I can work on it without searching for it in the GDRIVE and then once complete the updated file will return to both GDRIVE and the files location in Monday.

I would also expect that the file location in the GDRIVE is noted somewhere so that people know where it is on the drive.

Can Monday do this already?

Hey @Louise1,

At this time the Google Drive integration allows you to upload links to the specific GD file. Once uploaded, upon clicking the file, it will link you to the file within GD. Currently it isn’t possible to make edits to the file within the platform. Hope this helps clarify!

More insight here if you need: How to manage my files in monday.com

Hey @Louise1 @BiancaT With DriveSync integration, you can easily connect your board items and files to Google Drive.
Whenever you create a new item, DriveSync will automatically create a folder for it in Google Drive. Plus, it will make sure that the files from your items get copied into their respective Google Drive folders too.
I hope it will solve your issue.