Google Drive in Desktop App

Hi! I’ve been using the desktop app and loving it. I’m noticing an issue with uploading files from Google Drive. I’m given the option, but then I get a popup saying I need to authorise, but that I have pop-ups blocked on my browser. the issue being that I’m not using a browser! Has anyone run into this problem, and possibly have any work arounds? My team almost exclusively uses the app so would be amazing to be able to link within the app.
Note that I have no issue with this on browser & have already connected my google account. :slight_smile:

Are you facing same issue on web app as well?

No, browser works fine!

Reply from there team: Our desktop app does not support any of our cloud-based file integrations (dropbox, google drive, box etc). This is due to the storage of these files and that you’re not web-based when using the desktop app. Hope that helps clarify! Cheers!

The other workaround is that you are able to add a “link column” to your board and paste the google drive link there to be able to open and access it from the desktop app.