Looking to increase our automation and consistency using Monday.com

Hi, we are a company who have been using Monday.com for the past year and want to improve our usage so that we can get more out of it. We would like to get an expert to help us set up our boards with the capacity to be scalable, so that we can bring our entire team onto the platform to increase efficiency and consistency. We are aiming to make this scalable as more member join the team. I have included notes below regarding our current ideas and requirements.

Who does this impact?

Whole Team (11-50 scalability)

What is the breakdown of the team?

Founder / CEO

Team Leader

Team Member

What do we want?

  • All Staff to have the same structured board, and a base template that can be used immediately for a new starter.
  • Additionally, we will have two boards for training and resources respectively, permissions are to be viewable, and editable by all users
  • We will want most staff member to not be able to view other team members’ boards, Founder / CEO to see all boards, Team Leader to see their boards and all members within that team. The boards in point 2 will be viewable regardless of position within the team
  • We want to use the “create items via email” to be able to generate an item on the relevant individual’s board when created within a specific group on that board
  • If possible, any amendments to a board in terms of structure to be immediately reflected on other applicable boards
  • Maximize automations

What columns are required on the individual people’s boards:

  • Item
  • Status – See Status Section
  • People
  • Date x2 – Working Date and Deadline Date
  • Last Updated
  • Numbers x2 – One to track the amount of time required for an item, so we can subtotal it at the bottom of the groups, and another to be used as an index for ordering the priority of an item within a group

Apps currently integrated:

  • Slack – Automation for notification of a specific status being triggered by an item, for more important / urgent matters that need to be seen immediately
  • Gmail – Incoming emails to our generic inboxes need to be set up on a specific dedicated board, broken down by a group per email
  • Google Drive – Ability to link to our private google drive to pull a given document into an item
  • Type form – Results from our marketing type forms to go into a specific board, with groups per type form

Automations currently used:

  • Updating the value of a ‘status’ column to a different status to move the item to a different group within that board.
  • When an item is created, assign the user assigned with that board as the owner
  • Alert when an item is created on a person’s board (by another Monday user via the create item via email route) for just that specific person
  • Alert to an owner if a due date has passed and a status is not a certain one

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Hi @James_M and welcome to the community. We can certainly of of assistance to get you up and running with your perfect solution. We are a certified monday.com consultant with years of expertise on the platform. All we do is monday!

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Hey @James_M ,

upstream can help. We are Platinum Partners, monday.com Preferred Partners and APAC Partner of the Year for 2020. Based in Australia, we have a global staff network encompassing dedicated teams.

You’ll have access to our Solutions Engineers as well as our full stack Development Team who specialize in integrations and custom requirements. From your provided information, there are a few things that spring to mind I’d love to show you, as well as many questions to ask! Let’s connect.

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Kind regards,
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Hey there @James_M and welcome to the monday.com community forums!

There are a lot of great partners out there and I would like to introduce the team at CarbonWeb. Based in Cleveland, OH we believe that monday.com is a flexible and creative platform. We try to mirror this reality through our component-by-component process and also through our end-to-end solutions.

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Best regards,

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Hi James!

My team could handle this for you. We be happy to meet with you to dig into this and see if our team might be able to assist you.

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Hi James,
If you are still looking out for some help, feel free to reach out to me as this is well within my area of expertise.
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Hi @James_M,

Welcome to the monday community.

monday com is indeed a great workplace tool that facilitates businesses to automate manual and repetitive tasks whilst streamlining workflows. If you are looking for an expert who can help you in setting up boards with the capacity to be scalable, I would recommend you seek help from certified monday.com consultants. With the help of an expert, you can bring your entire team onto the platform resulting in improved efficiency, increased workforce productivity, and better consistency.

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