macOS App: When in My Work clicking on Board takes me to pricing page?

This just started in the last week and I got no clue why. When working in the macOS desktop app if I"m doing stuff under My Work and need to click to the Board link toward the right a pricing page shows up. This DOES NOT happen in any browsers! We recently upgraded our plan so I know I’m not over in licenses or such.

Anyone else got this?

Hey @carboncow,

This sounds strange indeed…

Just to confirm, when selecting the specific board via My Work in the app, this is what triggers the pricing page to open?


Thanks for helping. I did verify this behavior in Chrome too where when I click on the Board (as shown in your example) It opens another tab with the data I would hope to see…but the original tab has subscription/upgrade information.

I’ve got a screencast here: Dropbox - 2023-08-25_10-49-47.mp4 - Simplify your life

Note, this account I’m writing from is not the business account this is occurring with so I you need to check on my account…I’m referencing, let me know!

Checking back in with this bump to see if you have a comment…

Hey @carboncow,

Apologies for the delayed reply - I have been OOO! Thank you for sharing the video with me. I am afraid that in order for me to troubleshoot this, I will need to look into the specific account in reference, especially given this is not behaviour I have come across before - sorry for the hassle! We can chat via a private message if you’d prefer :+1:

Over the last two weeks since posting this it has corrected itself.

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Oh, glad to hear that it’s turned itself around! That said, please reach out if you find the business account experiencing the same behaviour :pray: