iPad desktop browser board display bug?

Having an issue with the iPad desktop browser. When loading any board, the workspace bar along the left of screen and board header at the top are not present.

Issue persists across multiple browsers (safari, chrome) even after wiping cookies etc. Anyone have any idea how to get Monday back to displaying properly? Team member has been using the same iPad without any (major) issues for nearly a year now and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to rectify this.

Hey @Michael4,

Sorry for responding so late :frowning: We just wanted to check in to see if you were still experiencing this issue? We have a dedicated tech team that investigates these matters, so please feel free to reach out to support@monday.com so they can get the team looking into this :pray:

I have the same issue. I prefer to go on a browser with my iPad because we have more features. The problem is when I open a Dashboard or a board with a different. When you open a board in the main table view It ok but when you open a different view it goes to fullscreen and bug.

Hey @Ngauthier! To clarify, opening any board view other than your main table from your iPad browser, results in performance issues? Is this behaviour replicated from an incognito window? If so, our technical specialists might need to take a closer look a this behaviour given it sounds buggy :confused:

Hey @BiancaT , Thanks for the fast answer. I did try the incognito window and it doesn’t change anything. Like you said the bug is when I open a board in different view than main table but also when I open any of my dashboard. It seem to open in full screen but I can’t close the full screen and some option don’t work.

Hmm, is this occurring for all browser types or is this specific to say Safari or Chrome?

I try 6 different browser and private mode too. And always the same problem.

Okay this definitely sounds strange! Had you reach out to support@monday.com? It sounds like this is a job for our technical team to investigate :pray:

I have the same issue. I’ll reach out to support to see if a solution has been found.

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Thank you - please let me know how you go :pray:

Hi @Michael4 and @Ngauthier :wave:

I wanted to reach out and let you know that this bug has now been fix by our developers. Please let me know if you’re still experiencing issues :pray:


Thanks for the follow up. The problem is partial solve. I made a lot of research and I think the problem is coming from the fact that on ipad every browser have to use webkit. I still have issue with my dashboard and when I move on a big board, the image is clitchy. But now when I open my board with different view, It dosen’t open full screen anymore(so 1 problem solve). But it still open full screen on dashboard.

I heard that probably on September, apple will drop the obligation for the browser to use webkit than this will probably solve the problem.


Thanks so much for this insight - really appreciate you sharing this information as it certainly is helpful for us to know. Based on this information, it does sound like this is an issue specific to the webkit limitation within Apple however I will relay this to our developers incase it can help in resolving things further. Thank you again :pray: