Main workspace customization

Hey guys, we really appreciate all the feedback we have received from all of you regarding workspaces. We had many of you request that we make the main workspace customizable and we are happy to let you know that you can now change the name, description, colour, and icon of your main workspace!


Is this available to pro account users? I tried editing the members but was not able to remove or add.

Hi, excellent news!
In first place, thanks for earing our feedback.
In second place, i know that permissions are only reserved for enterprise accounts, anyway there are posts on this community asking for releasing permission features for pro accounts too.
Last but no less important, in the meantime you decide what to do with permissions, the editing workspace feature could be limited only to admins please?

If not anyone could change/rename any previous structure created.


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Hey @Adrian,
It is not possible to change the main workspace subscribers, it is only possible to change the name, description, colour, and icon of your main workspace.

Hey @hlopezvc, we will consider it!
Thanks for the feedback.


Can I opt out of workspaces?

Sorry, you cannot opt out of workspaces.

If we have no use for a company-wide workspace, do you have suggestions on what to do with it? Please extend permissions to pro accounts. It if very difficult to manage usage without it. We are a small company and wouldn’t benefit from other enterprise features.


@Ayelet hi.
Great news was to see that workspaces permissions aré now allowed for all accounts

Congratulations again and thanks