Answers: Can I make someone the administrator of a workspace?

When creating a new workspace, you are automatically made the administrator, or “owner”, of that given workspace. By being the owner of a workspace, you will have the ability to rename and customize that workspace, adjust the workspace permissions and permit or decline others from entering a closed workspace (available on the Enterprise plan) and more. With this said, you can certainly choose to crown another user as the workspace owner if you wish!

To do this, first locate the workspace main page which you are a current owner of. From there, click into the “Members” tab and click on the crown icon next to the name of the user who you’d like to make an owner of this workspace as well:

Once this user has a blue crown next to their name, you’re all set! They are now also the owner of this workspace. :crown:

To read all about workspaces, check out this article!

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