Make Folders available for Shareable Boards for all users who are assigned to a board

We have a lot of contractors and use shareable boards for just about everything. We organize boards by client and need to be able to have folders for each client in the shareable board section visible to our guests so they can stay organized. I spent a ton of time organizing everything for the entire team only to realize that the folders don’t show up for them. And, now when I log in boards are popping in and out of my folders randomly.


Hi Melissa,

Firstly, welcome to the community, great to have you here! :hugs: Are you using the unified board list or the old left pane which splits the folders/boards into the 3 types of boards?

We are about to release this to everyone so if you would like to try it, you can activate it from monday.labs now.

However, this new version will still have all shareable boards appear outside of folders for guests. We’ll be happy to pass along your feedback to our product team to consider changing this in the future.

Boards shouldn’t pop in and out of folders so would like to understand this point better. We’ll email you via to get more information and check it’s not a bug.


Hi Julia.
I tried the unified boards, but switched back to the original version. I need folders available for shareable boards in either case as we have client specific boards for multiple processes and I like to have all the client boards grouped together in folders so that things are sorted properly and easy to find. I have named the client boards the same, but there’s no alphabetical sort or anything like that that I have seen, so boards named by clients don’t necessarily group together.

I think the boards popping in and out of folders may be been a glitch because I haven’t repeated the issue after moving everything back where it belonged a couple of times.


Thanks for sharing the further information! I just want to make sure I understand the feedback, which was originally a request to have your guests see the same folder structure as what you have. I think you’re now asking about being able to organize your own folders and sort them?

So your feedback is:

  1. Folders sortable by alphabet
  2. Guests to see same structure

Finally, if you see the glitch again, can you send some details to us at so we can investigate?


Hey Julia.
My request is still the same. I need to be able to create a folder structure on Shareable boards that my guests will also see on their end. I’m good with organizing and sorting my own boards.