Folders not available for guests

We have our boards setup in per-customer workspaces. We have “support” and “pipeline” folders which then contain boards for current stuff, archived stuff and a feature backlog. Our guests do not see these folders and just get a flat list. It would be really helpful if guests could see the folder structure if they have access to boards within a folder.

Hi - would love this feature as well!! Is it something that is being worked on?

For our clients, we create multiple folders to organize their company in our workspace, but when we share the dashboard with them, they can’t see any of the folders and it just looks like a long list of items stacked on top of one another.


Thinking about this further what we’re really asking for is to invite guests to a workspace but they only see boards they’ve been given access to - they still get the structure of the workspace.


I would love to see this feature too. Preservation of the “structure of the workspace,” as phrased above.

Our nonprofit collaborates with numerous volunteers on multiple events. When the same volunteer is involved with and therefore added as a guest to multiple events—and given the current lack of folder structure—this volunteer’s sidebar quickly becomes very disorganized.

This issue can partly be managed by being sure to remove guests from boards as soon as the event is completed. But we will often have events with dates that are close together and in various stages of planning—in which case the guest cannot be removed and the folder structure continues to be important.

I tested the workaround of creating different workspaces for different events, but unfortunately even when a board is from a different workspace it still displays in a completely flat structure in the guest view.

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I too would like this option as well. And. have a similar use case to those already stated. It’s hard for the client to find everything they need when their files can’t be organized. I’ve tried sharing them out in a particular order to at least get their files in an order that makes sense but Monday just puts them in whatever order it sees fit. There is no rhyme or reason to how it orders the files in a guest view. I look forward to this enhancement of a great product.

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Similar to the people above, I need this within Monday just for organisational purposes, and guests are finding it difficult to navigate through multiple boards, without this. Should it not work that guests are able see the folder if they are subscribed to a board within it, but not visible if they are not subscribed to anything within the folder?

I second this. We use workspaces with our clients, which often have 10-40 people that need access (let’s call it 15 on average to be generous). Our workspace template has 45 boards/dashboards/docs.

45*15 = 675

Yes… that means requires us to invite 675 users MANUALLY, ONE AT A TIME each time we setup a workspace. Worse yet, each of those users receives 45 email notifications, which is embarrassing and difficult to explain to clients.

Management of guest access needs some serious attention, and the folder problem is just a minor part of that.


This is exactly what we are looking for team within our company.
Is there an update on this feature?