Make 'Priority' on 'My Work' optional

I’d like to offer the option for users to decide whether or not to use/see the Priority Column in My Work. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  1. While some of my colleagues find the new Priority Column in My Work useful, others prefer not to use it.
  2. In certain boards, there is no Priority column available, so random columns are selected for the Priority column. This can lead to a less organized My Work overview and create unnecessary confusion.

To my fellow Monday users, please let me know if you would like this feature too! :four_leaf_clover:

hi @Steven1

You can remove the contents of the priority column in the settings.

Hi Yann,

Thanks for your response. I am aware of that possibility. People could organize their ‘My Work’ themselves and choose to see priority columns or not. The column will still be visible, but there will be no content.

However, we have 40 users and we quite often create boards. It could be very helpful organizing it from one central point, instead of letting everyone do it themselves.

For now, I will go with explaining the users about removing the contents. Thanks Yann!

And again, to my fellow Monday users: Please let me know if you would like this feature too! :four_leaf_clover: