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Hi Monday friends :slight_smile:

Do you know if there a way I can have a master calendar that pulls information (tasks + dates) automatically from several other boards which auto-updates w/ 2-way connection?

I’m creating a marketing master calendar and want to pull information from our social board, events board etc. so that the master calendar is always updated. For example - so when our social person adds a social post and the posting date, it’s updated on the master calendar and also updated if she changes the initial date afterward.

Any tips? I have the master calendar built and am playing around with mirror columns now but not having much luck getting to the result I need.

Thanks for your help!

Hey @eleanor-p,

Had you explored the calendar widget, accessible via our dashboards? The beauty of dashboards and widgets, is that you can pull information from multiple boards into one centralised space in the form of widgets. For your situation, this would allow you to create that master calendar, by pulling date/timeline columns from those different boards.

Alternatively, if you instead are looking to create this master calendar on the board level, you’d just need to ensure those mirror date columns don’t extend beyond 3 levels of mirroring, as this is currently unsupported.

Let me know your thoughts :slight_smile:

Bianca Taylor, you are a genius.
Thank you!! This is the perfect solution.
Really appreciate your help with this :slight_smile:

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So glad to hear that helped! Not a problem :blush: