Calendar as Master Board

We’re running a synagogue with 3 staff and a bunch of volunteers. All of our events run off our master calendar, and our holidays generally work off templates based on the event date. Not only that, some of the tasks for each holiday or event are done by staff (who are Members of the board) and others by volunteers (who will be Guests).

I’m looking at creating a Master Board where we can aggregate and keep track of services and holiday events, classes and group meetings as a staff (I assume each of those events will have to have their own board so we can assign tasks and sub-tasks), but where our volunteers can also be assigned tasks. So like our Building Committee will be notified of where and when they need to move tables and chairs for each event, and our Ritual committee will know when they need to get volunteers to run services, etc.

I’ve been banging my head against this, trying to figure out how to integrate all these disparate parts into something workable that doesn’t have to be constantly edited in multiple places, and would love any ideas anyone has to throw at me.

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if you use the mirror column, you can set up the status column from these other boards that can be changed and updated as they are done in other places

Hey @SaraZ welcome to the monday community!

as Luziaann mentioned mirror columns can help.
but here are a couple more steps that I would recommend before the mirror columns.

  1. set up boards for all the different event types/services that you want to use.
    Then Best thing to do is create a multi-connect board column on the ‘master calendar’ board. and then set the date/time column on master board as well as any other data points which you want visible there

  2. Set up a status column for ‘type’ with values that match each of your boards.

  3. Then create an automation (1 for each board type) that triggers when ‘type’ changes and creates an item in board and connects them. (see screenshot).
    e.g. when status changes to ‘Holiday Event’ create item in board ‘Holiday Events’ & Connect them in this board using ‘multi-board colum’ That you set up in step 1

  4. set up mirror columns on master calendar and each of the ‘type’ boards which reflect data back and forth between master and child.

  5. set up subtasks or another linked task board to each of the child boards to assign to your volunteers, staff etc…

Hope that helps and let me know if it works for you!

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@timlittletech, thank you! I have a couple of questions.

I understand the “type” values, but I need them to create a board with multiple tasks, not just an item. For reference, our weekly service has over 30 tasks scattered across 10 or so staff and volunteers, all dependent upon the date of the service (some things have to be done the Tuesday before, others 3 days before, others months before, etc.). We have been using subtasks with the service itself as an item in a “Calendar Events” board, but I have to manually add the date for every subtask, which is a HUGE task when we often have multiple services in a week.

In addition, we have multiple holiday services, each with their own distinct checklist. Chanukah looks VERY different from Rosh Hashanah, and again, I don’t want to have to add the hundreds of subtask dates for each holiday manually. Any suggestions for how to create board templates for each holiday that automatically populate dates based on how far out from the event we are and link them to a central calendar/project board?

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@SaraZ For your above issue about having to change each date manually, have you looked into the dependency column feature? Search “Dependency” when you go to add a new column. According to the description, it has the ability to “Automatically adjust your item’s dates based on their dependency using automations. Easily set it up by choosing the date column your items will be dependent on.”

Basically, you set up the dependencies in the Dependency column based on your Due Date column and add in some automations. Then, depending on how you set things up, conceivably, if you adjust just one date, the others will automatically adjust. So, if you were to create a board template for each particular holiday (which might be a lot of work upfront, but will save you time later), then all you have to do when that holiday/event comes along, is duplicate the board, then adjust the event date, and all other dates should fall in line.

You’ll likely have to play around with it to see if it will actually work for your particular needs, and I’m sure there are some tutorials to help with how to set it up. But we use it for proposals and can adjust just one date and the others fall in line. Hope that helps. Good luck!