Master Template linked to board

Hi! I’m new here on and I have so many questions.
I was tinkering with templates and wondering: is there a way so that when changes in a template are made all boards created with the same template change accordingly (and not viceversa).
Let’s say I create a template and 10 boards from that template and then realize the configuration could have been better… must I change all 10 boards one by one?
Thank you!

Hi @edoaber - Welcome to the community! Master templates are exactly what you described. They are still in development and will be coming out for Enterprise plans later this year. If you are curious about whether master templates and other Enterprise features are right for you, I’d be happy to chat with you about it and answer any questions you have. We offer a limited number of free monday․com strategy sessions each week in the community. You can book a time here if you like: Book Polished Geek: more with

Do you have an update on time frame for Master Templates, its exactly what i need.

@PolishedGeek is there an update on this release date?

I am glad to see that this was requested and is in the works. It would be exactly what I need. Please advise when we can expect the feature.

Any update on timeline?