Match item by tag using items_by_column_values


Congrats on API v2. I’ve migrated my v1 to v2 and it was easier than expected. Far easier.

I have a couple of questions, though and the questions all relate to tags. Is it possible, using the GUI, to add a tag to a board?

I’ve been trying to use the v2 API to retrieve tagged items via the items_by_column_values query. I can get the item out using the items query using I used the value returned by the items query.

Any tips?

Thanks, Bas

Hey @bastb - welcome to the community! and thank you :slight_smile:

When you talk about tags - are you referring to a tags column on a board? Or are you looking to assign some kind of description / identifier to your boards?


Yes, I’m looking to assign some kind of identifier to a board which would enable a user to mark a board a destination for the integration I’m working on. There’s an obvious workaround: just matching the name and the description, but I’d prefer applying a tag.

The alternative would be to find groups and board which have items containing the tag, but I was unable to retrieve items via items_by_column_values using column_id: "tags" and column_value set to the value returned by items that have the specific tag within the same group.

I must say that the use of id appears to be a bit inconsistent throughout the API: boards have numerical ids and groups have ids which look like a slug. Same applies to column_id.

Hey @bastb - unfortunately there isn’t a way to apply a tag in that way right now. As you mentioned one possible workaround would be to match name.

Are you doing any parsing of the API response on the server side? Depending how the boards are named, perhaps you could filter for boards that start or end with certain words. For example if you query for boards and you receive the following:

Development - Bug Board | id: 12345
Test Board - Do not Touch | id: 24567
Support - KPI and Goals Board | id: 76886
Development - Cycle Board | id: 12456523

Perhaps you could implement some kind of logic that would parse for anything beginning with Development.


Hi @dsilva,

Thanks again for responding and the suggestion.

Which “server side” do you mean? The consuming or the producing server, with producing being I have implemented the parsing on my end, the consuming server, but maybe I missed some options there.

Do you have any thoughts on the items_by_column_values issue? An example, much like, for getting items by tag would be excellent.

Hey @bastb - I was referring to parsing the response on your side (the producing server). The idea would be to perform some kind of logic as I mentioned above that would filter the board based on the start/end of the boards.

Do you have any thoughts on the items_by_column_values issue? An example, much like , for getting items by tag would be excellent.

The items_by_column_values query does not support every single column type. Generally, if a column can contain multiple values (dropdown, people, tags), it cannot be filtered. In this case since a column can have multiple tags, it’ll run into that issue.


Thanks, @dsilva. I implemented filtering on the consuming server.

So there’s currently no way to filter items by tag name?

Hey @bastb - not at the moment as it contains multiple values. We’re hoping to change this in the future, but I don’t quite have an ETA for you right now.


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