How to find tag id's for tags column

So I am trying to update the tags columns for a pulse item. I am able to send the request for API v2 with an update. However, I am unaware of where to find the tag id’s for specific tags as I thought the number next to the tag was the tag id. I sent the request for column change like so:
“tags2”: { “tag_ids” [73]}
This does send a tag but it’s just an empty tag which seems to indicate to me that I am sending the wrong tag id, so I am now confused as to where to find these id’s.

Hi @egonzalez

I don’t believe there is a way in the UI to find a tag ID.

What I would suggest would be to make an API call, something similar to this:

  tags {

You can then search for the tag by name, and use the ID you have collected to then pass back to your update request.

If your tag is on a private/shareable board then you will need to search for the tags via the board_id