Mirrored tag column not showing up in cross-board search?

I use tags as a cross-board database for all my contacts and accounts - each contact/account has a unique tag. The master info is collected in a Contacts Board, but I also might add different kinds of info if those contacts appear on different boards. And so I rely on the ability to click on the unique tag to collate all info related to that contact/account that appears across all my boards.

So when I created a new template board of prospective funders, culled from my main contact board, I mirrored the most important columns (description, initial meeting, etc, as well as the TAG column). But when I click on a mirrored tag, the Prospective Funders board doesn’t appear in the cross-board search for that tag.

Is there any way to make mirrored tags appear in the search? Should I request this feature? Anyone have any suggested workarounds to manually adding in all the tags?