Mirrored Column showing Long Text

Hi, I have a mirrored column that I’d like to pull in notes from items from different boards. When I set it up it seems fine connecting to the Long Text column, but no data comes in. I can’t find anything about whether or not this is even supported.

Any suggestions?

Update - when I export the item the text is displayed, and will show if there is only one connected item.

Hey @george_planit :wave:

I’m afraid I’m not entirely sure what behavior you’re experiencing here as we don’t have any visuals of what you’re seeing on your end.

Could you please reach out to support@monday.com with relevant screenshots? our Customer Experience Advocates would be happy to assist you form there should you still need help with your mirror columns!

In the meantime, we also always have these resources that can be referenced for how to set up the mirror and connect boards columns and how they work:

I hope this helps!


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