No items show up from connected board

On an empty board I added a column to connect a board and a mirror column.

Now no items show up on the board. It’s probably my misunderstanding, but I expect all items on the original board to show up on the new board, so I create other views based on the data.

What I also don’t see is how to filter the selected items. The connect column does not have a setting for that.

Finally, is there a way to include all columns in the mirror instead of adding each separately?


The connect board column will only connect two exsting items it won’t create these items on the second board, in order to that you will have to use the automations like the one below

No you need to add a mirror column for every column.

Hope this helps

@JHconsultancy thanks for pointing me to the automations. They look quite complicated. And having to recreate the items and send updates feels wrong as a one-way sync.

I’m just trying to find out what can do. The connect/mirror is probably not that useful if you need to perform all that manual setup.

You need to set it up once per column and then every Item that is connected to a item on your other board will display the mirrored data.

If you need help with the set up you can DM me