Max column Import?

Hi. Ive been using for the last 2 years approx, and its only been in the last 4 weeks we have identified to our business some massive gains in our guys being in remote locations etc. With this in mind Ive spent the last 3 weeks altering our standard excel spreadsheets with numerous departments so we can pull together 1 big upload and feed off it. This upload has circa 200 rows and approx 150 columns. When I tried up upload this I was presented with an error saying 100 columns is the maximum you can have. We are currently on the Pro plan, but if we moved onto the enterprise does this mean we can have more columns? I never gave it a thought when starting this work 3 weeks ago as excel allows infinite rows and columns, so just assumed Monday would be similar.
Any help would be appreciated please
Thank you

Hey @IanTaylor,

Thank you so much for posting! This is a good question.

When importing from Excel, you can import up to 20 columns (and 3,000 rows at a time).

In general, on the Pro level, you can have 200 columns for any board, and on ENT you can have up to 300 for any board.

Does that help ?

Hi @IanTaylor - Did you get this sorted? Your number of columns is fine for the board, but importing from Excel is the roadblock. Perhaps you could use Integromat or Zapier to push the data in after building the columns, if it’s a huge volume of records.

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