Import of a large number of itens

Hi, I need to import a 35,000 leads list into a single board. It seems that only the first 8,000 are imported. Can someone please let me know how to import all the list? Thanks.

Hi @EyalSeagull
There are limits to import
You are only able to import 8,000 items at 1 time, You would need to break your excel down into multiple batches of 8000 or lower and import each batch
Hope this helps and provides what you need

If you needed to import all in 1 go, this can be done but would need a custom configuration via Make
This is something we can help with if you need additional help, with creating something for these requirements

Many thanks in advance

Import restrictions
Everything above your first row will not be imported into your board. Note: You can import a maximum of 50 columns and 8,000 rows at a time . Additionally, the following file types are supported in the import: . xlsx, .

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Hi, thank you very much.

If I break into 8,000 records files, can I import 35,000 records into the same board?

Hi @EyalSeagull
Each board will hold up to 50,000 items
Just be mindfull speed of the board loading might take a little longer with 35,000 items
Many thanks Dan


Hi Dan,

Having 50k records in a board is a very good news.

Thanks for the quick response!

Hi @DanIngham-IOI ,

Just sharing: dividing the files into 8K records I was able to import 3 files (so 24K records) and when trying to import the 4th file I’m getting This board has reached the maximum number of items error (later I’ve tried with a 1K records file and got the same error). Seems to be the actual limit.

Hi @EyalSeagull
Can i just double check the package you are on is it pro or enterprise,
The limit was 50,000, but just double checking it looks like this might of changed,
If you let me know what package you currently have I can double check.
The latest document on the site shows 10,000 for Pro & Below & 20,000 for Enterprise
The fact you currently have 24,000 on does’t stack up
Many thanks in advance

Hi @DanIngham-IOI , we are using the PRO version.

Hi @EyalSeagull - the limitations on boards are indeed 10k for PRO and 20k for ENT. These limits have been in place for a number of years. Limits also include subitems.

For more information check out the following article. How many items and subitems can I have on a board? – Support (


Hi @mark.anley , thanks for your reply.

I saw the limits in the docs, but as I showed in the above image, I mangaed to import 24,000 records. Go figure…

(Maybe the reason is that when I imported the last file I had only 16,000 records and Monday allowed to import the last one, which is another 8,000 records, leading to a total of 24,000)

Hi @EyalSeagull - very strange considering you are on PRO licensing. I am wondering if imports are circumventing the board limitations. Are you able to add items manually?


Hi @EyalSeagull @mark.anley
Very strange based on Pro plan, it says you should only be able to import 10,000, In theory it should of stopped on the second import, but you have 24,000, which is more than it says for a enterprise license

@DanIngham-IOI @EyalSeagull - I was able to replicate this is our PRO environment:

The import will not allow more than 10,000 at once and it appears to cap it at 8,000 as was mentioned earlier. Once I completed the third import of 8000 I received the error that the board was at its maximum.

Odd for sure.