Memtime (previously timeBro) Integration

Our company uses memtime (previously timeBro) for our daily time tracking. This is not yet integrated with It would be wonderful to have this integration, as I am currently manually tracking the time, for all our employees, in from memtime (previously timeBro)
Thank you and I look forward to having this automation in the future.


Hi @MESURE :wave:

Welcome back to the community! I can’t speak for memtime, but you can certainly integrate a number of time tracking platforms natively as a possible alternative for you. I recommend looking at the Clockify integration and the Harvest integration. I can assist to provide a demo if that would be helpful.

Hi Peta,

Thank you very much for your response.
We have been using memtime for 2 years already and we don’t really want to switch to a new system at the moment. I have used Harvest before (and I have seen the integration to, but we prefer memtime as it has better functionality for us.

We also don’t work in a very simple format and that makes it difficult to integrate, so this is also a consideration that we will need to look at once we can integrate with memtime.

Thank you again and I hope you have a great day.

Jo-Anne @ M&ESURE

Agreed. No other time tracking app works automatically like Mentone. It’s the o my way I can make myself keep track. It’s a spreadsheet format, maybe I’ll try 3rd party connection and update with pulse? Would be better to have a native integration.