Don't like Monday time tracking - other options?

Looking for an easy integration that embeds into Monday to track time. I don’t like that I can’t enter time in using the 1:30 format. I have to enter start and end times or use the timer.

Hey @Molly194,

We actually have a couple of apps available via our apps marketplace reserved for time tracking. I will leave the names of a few below for you to explore if you’re interested:

  • Tracket:

  • Clockhound:

  • Time Reporting Solution

It is frustrating that a key feature of project management is not native in the application. The functionality existing out of the box in the application is insufficient and unflexible, forcing many users to outside add ins. My understanding from looking at multiple threads in the community is that many users have significant issues with the native functionality but is essentially throwing the issue over the fence, forcing their user base to pay additional money to find a solution.

Frankly, this should have been a deal breaker for us in selection however not enough actual users were involved in the selection of the product to uncover this fundamental issue.

@monday-team Is this going to continue to be pushed to the side? If so, please be transparent. Just tell us that time tracking is not, nor will it be, on the roadmap. Users will always have to find or source an alternate solution, adding incremental cost to the overall solution.