Merged mirror columns for items with no subtasks

I would like a mirror column to behave like a regular column when an item has no subtasks.

For example, item 1 has 3 subtasks with timeline entries June 1-2, June 11-12, and June 21-22. The timeline mirror column shows the value of June 1-22.

But item 2 has no subtasks, so the timeline mirror column is blank. I need a separate “timeline” column for the item level if I want to assign it a timeline without a subtask. This takes up extra space and is clunky. I would prefer that the Timeline mirror column behaved like a regular column at the parent (item) level when there are no child elements (subtasks), so I don’t have to have two separate columns in my board view.

The alternative is to have a subtask for every item, even if it’s just one, but that also adds clutter.

We have exactly the same issue. Either the standard timeline column for the Item has to inherit earliest start date and latest end date from the Sub-Item, or there should be one unified Mirror column as you suggest. Tools such as Wrike can handle this natively so it is a shame to see this limitation in Monday and it doesn’t appear to be on the sub-item roadmap either.

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Hi @JustAnotherPM @chcsep !

There is another post that is also talking about this function! To request in the right place to push up a popular topic you can go here to vote for it: About the Link & Mirror function

Thank you!

Hi @jailynnlucidday ,

Thanks for linking to that thread. I’ve voted for it, but I don’t think it describes the same situation as mine.

It appears that that thread wants it so that if board A has a column that mirrors a column in board B, changing a cell in board A will populate back to board B.

However, what I want is if a column mirrors its subtasks and there are no subtasks with data in that column I want to be able to populate data in the parent column directly (and not populate back to the subtasks).

Maybe the solution to the problem described in the other thread will address my request, but it’s not obvious to me that it would (the original post is not very clear and there are too many replies for me to read through them all).

hi @chcsep @JustAnotherPM

If I understand correctly you want to have one timeline column in your items that shows:

  • a timeline as entered by you when the item has no subitems
  • a timeline that is automatically updates from the subitems timeline columns if the item has subitems

We are close to releasing an app (Rollup Subitems) that does this. Have a good look at the screenshot and you will notice that the timeline in the main items is just a normal timeline and not one of those “funny” summary columns from the subitems.

Item 1 has 2 subitems
Item 2 has 10 subitems
Item 3 has no subitems

Let me know if that is what you are looking for


Hi @basdebruin , this is precisely the solution we are looking for based on the example you have shown above.

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@basdebruin ditto, that is awesome! I look forward to it being available!

hi @chcsep, @JustAnotherPM

We have put the Rollup Subitems app into production, although there is no documentation yet. Will work on documentation and monday marketplace in the next couple of days. You can view a short video here to see how to setup this app.

The installation link is: Where Teams Get Work Done

Have fun!